Ovens, Stove Tops and Ranges


Baking, broiling, simmering, and stirring, the oven is the heart of the kitchen. Our affordable service can bring your kitchen back to life faster than you can order take-out.

Ovens, Ranges & Stove Repair

If you’re like most Southern Nevada residents, you rely heavily on your stove. It’s an important tool that lets you prepare healthy meals your entire family will enjoy. It’s perfectly natural to panic when you discover that your stove has stopped working properly. The good news is that just because your stove isn’t working as well as you’d like it to, you shouldn’t assume you need a brand new unit. When you contact Comfort Home Appliance, we’ll send one of our professionals right out to your home and get things back to perfect working order.

We’ll have your stove up and running no time at all.

TroubleShooting the Problem

The first step to getting the stove working again will be figuring out what the problem is. Although each make and model of stove can have it’s very own quirks, we have noticed that there are some pretty common issues that crop up over and over again throughout Las Vegas Valley. These problems include:

Stove Gas Leaks

If you have a gas stove there is always a chance of it developing a gas leak. This isn’t something you should mess with. As soon as you smell gas, you need to shut off all gas to the unit and contact both Comfort Home Appliance and the gas company.

Auto Ignition Problem

The auto ignition is a wonderful feature, right up until the moment it stops working and you can no longer turn your stove on. The thing about auto ignitions is that they aren’t designed to last forever. If you have an older stove and can’t get it switched on, odds are pretty good that you need to have the auto ignition replaced. Once that’s been done, you should be able to get several more years worth of use out of your stove.

Stove Temperature Controls

There’s nothing quite like sitting down to eat only to find that the meal didn’t cook properly. If you’re dealing with uneven cooking there’s a good chance that your temperature controls either need to be re calibrated or replaced altogether.


If your stove seems to turn on, but the burner never gets hot, it’s most likely that your burners are starting to burn out. This is a simple stove repair that the professional techs at Comfort Home Appliance can handle in no time at all.

Without a properly functioning heating element, your stove isn’t going to be making anything. Stoves that get a great deal of use, or stoves that are only cleaned on a rare occasion seem to be the most likely to have a heating element burn out completely. When this happens the entire heating element will need to be removed and replaced.


Wiring can be a tricky thing. One day your stove works perfectly and the next it starts to short out each time you need to use it. Our professional stove repair experts will go over every single inch of wiring until they have isolated the problem and then replace that section.