We understand issues with appliances occur when you least expect it. Our certified technicians can assess your microwave needs in a knowledgeable, thorough, and timely manner.

Microwave Repair

Have your microwave running again in no time!

Microwave ovens are found in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. Making hot food quickly and easily accessible to you and your family, they are truly a miracle of modern technology. Extremely efficient in their use of electricity, microwave ovens use microwave radiation, which is absorbed by waters, fats, and sugars, and upon absorption excite these molecules into atomic motion—also known as heat. When this is not done properly or parts are damaged, it can be time for maintained from our pros.

It is important to understand how power, also known as wattage, can impact how quickly and evenly foods cook in your microwave. Furthermore, you must think through the available space in your kitchen and size of your cookware before determining what size and type of microwave is best for your home.

Common Microwave Oven Issues

If you’ve run into any of these problems, call on us:

• The microwave isn’t working.
• There are sparks inside the microwave.
• The turntable is not rotating.
• Microwave isn’t heating food.
• The touch pad only works intermittently.

If you are experiencing an issue with your microwave oven, give us a call for top-notch service from the qualified technicians at Comfort Home Appliance. We understand that a broken microwave is an inconvenience in your busy life, and we want to help diagnose the problem as quickly as possible.